Sir Caleb Stormfell

Knight of the Order of the Gauntlet


Sir Caleb Stormfell is a dashing knight, still young and courageous and unbowed. He has seen quite a bit of combat, though he barely shows signs of it. His sandy hair flows to his shoulders and his piercing blue eyes have drawn the attention of many admirers. He is quick with a smile and a kind word and has a reputation for bravery and gallantry.


Sir Caleb Stormfell is a handsome and charismatic leader within both the Order of the Gauntlet and the Companions of Elturel. Renowned for his prowess in battle, he won much respect in campaigns against the serpent folk of Najara. He comports himself with honor and compassion and is, for many, the epitome of a true knight.

Sir Caleb Stormfell

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