Douchk aka Dorn Buckman

Half-Orc Barbarian (Gladiator)


Douchk aka Dorn Buckman is a tall, broad-shouldered and muscle-bound man with a dark, bristly mustache. His skin has a slightly pale, gray tinge to it and if you look closely beneath that mustache, you can see large lower bicuspids. He walks with a swagger and self-assured confidence, especially in a fight.


Bully magnet, bully destroyer. Proudly named “Douchk” (The Separator) by his Orcish father, he has attracted aggression throughout his young life.

Raised among humans, Douchk was mocked for his Orcish appearance and name. Particularly for his name, which for some reason tends to amuse the very lowest human classes.

Each bully bullied once. At age six, Douchk first picked up his woodcutter father’s axe. A natural in athletics, Douchk swung the axe in a lazy, uppercutting arc; fortunately it caught his twelve-year-old taunter’s pimply face broadside, not edgewise, and only knocked the taunter cold. But future taunters would not be so lucky. At age eight Douchk hit his first “home run,” cleanly cleaving his 16-year-old torturer’s head from its body.

His mother—a homely, but highly skilled, human courtesan—was forced to flee with the young murderer. Arriving in a new village, using her well-worn skills with mirror and brush, “Dorn Buckman” was born. From this point forward, the half-Orc would try to hide as human. From age eight until puberty, the artifice held. As an adult, it has become more difficult. At 14, he left his mother and took his act on the road.

“Dorn Buckman,” with ample time to deploy his disguise kit, can pass for days or weeks as a human. Depending on the mores of the town, he can even pass for a particularly “handsome” female—Dorn’s cousin Lorna. But more often than not, due to his low intelligence, he is exposed. The ruse, when discovered, tends to enrage the local yocals; hence Douchke has been forced into his career as gladiator.

Once pushed into combat, Dorn’s Orcish heritage enthusiastically emerges, and Dorn’s unique style as an ambiguously sexed, ambiguously raced gladiator has attracted attention—and gambling dollars—as he has traveled south. He flees barbarian country hoping to avoid conflict, but finds it at every turn.

Douchk aka Dorn Buckman

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