Sir Malyn Kurn

Knight of the Order of the Gauntlet


Sir Malyn Kurn is an older knight, battle-hardened and battle-scarred. He keeps his arms and armor in impeccable condition and keeps his white hair cropped tight and neat. He carries himself with an imposing bearing, despite being a bit thin, using his height and rugged features to intimidate and bully as he demands obedience from his men and those under his protection.


Sir Malyn Kurn is a gruff, temperamental knight within both the Companions and the Order of the Gauntlet. He is loathe to trust outsiders and sees fault in most everyone. Devout in his faith, Sir Kurn holds all to the highest standards of Torm. He did not care for Sir Frume and not only spoke openly about his distaste for his fellow paladin, but the two actually crossed swords once in bitter disagreement. By tradition, Sir Kurn should be the next in line to take command of the Elturgard chapter of the Order, but the notion isn’t particularly popular. Many would rather see Sir Caleb Stormfell take charge.

Sir Malyn Kurn

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