Imp Familiar


Szrak is an Imp from the Nine Hells, a small Devil with red-tinged skin, leathery wings, small horns and a poison-barbed tail not unlike a wyvern or scorpion. He has sharp, yellow fangs and his eyes glow a dull red. He has an odd, often mean, sense of humor and delights in pranks, blood-letting, and wickedness in general.


Little is known about Szrak’s origins other than that he is a lesser form of Devil and comes from the Nine Hells. As such, he has proven to be an interesting familiar for Aribar and not at all typical for service to an Archfey. When first summoned he was mischievous and defiant, demanding that Aribar perform crazy acts like pulling people’s pants down to ensure his loyalty. To Szrak’s delight, the gnome did as he was asked, and since then had seemed willing to help when asked, though sometimes grudgingly and often with complaints.


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